For the little ones the best! Children’s dreams come true – with current trends and interior wallpaper collections Part2

Security and well-being also create the wallpapers of the collection ” Bambino 2015″ by Rasch. Fabulously with elves, unicorns, gnomes and butterflies or maritime with a bevy of friends sea and sailing boats-in interaction with braids, universities and decorative fabrics also produced by quickly creating individual and loving children. A special eye-catcher offer the folded origami-type animals are strung together like a mobile hanging on the wall. Her gentle and delicate design is taken up in a colorful border and conjures up child-friendly dream homes in which parents feel comfortable.

Who does not transform the whole room, but wants to spice up only one wall in common with the little ones, takes place at the funny animals wallpapers, which are made from old wallpaper, the right thing for the local children’s safari.

But obviously it is exactly what many people love today: That one can achieve with little substantive effort but a good dose of creativity much effect. And that is of course what the bloggers show their readers and followers every day. For us, it was certainly very pleased that relied on by Ricarda Nieswandt small groups, is drawn through each room and that they are noticed details that were hidden from other visitors. Especially pleased we have about as much positive feedback: Bine G├╝llich: “I am thrilled by the variety of patterned wallpaper, the different designs and endless possibilities of what you could do everything from wallpaper. Have particularly impressed me the upholstered chairs and books! ”
Elke de Vries of elmasuite: “I must confess that I no longer had wallpaper as a design element on the screen-that has changed as of today! I did not realize how many great wallpaper pattern there are. “Who has the imm cologne 2014 misses, but is curious about our wallpaper house-in our video and the photo gallery, there are so many things to discover!